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And example of the complete kit for a First Triad Mustang (64 1/2, 65, 66)

Note the dash speaker option 4X10-A, the 2 kickpanels with Pioneer speakers, the 2 rear 6X9s with 6X9LP-Gr grilles and the package tray (unpainted beige) showing in rear. 

This customer requested new Scott Drake Knobs and the full 4 channel  FM Stereo conversion.

 Typically Kick panels and Front speakers are used in Convertibles, while either Front Speakers and 6X9 Rear speakers or Kickpanels and 6X9 Rear speakers are used in coupes and full size vehicle applications.

Trucks and early cars will often use only front speakers.  Very early radios with built in speakers have 2 speakers mounted on custom templates inside the radio as original.