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Radio Repairs

Please contact us before shipping any repairs.


See page bottom for antenna information 

Transistor type - Domestic 1962 on - Auto radios after 1962 are almost always completely transistorized.  Repairs to these are relatively inexpensive and most
can be repaired.

Tube Type - Domestic usually pre 1962 - Vintage AutoSound does restore tube radios.  Typically these radios do require more than minor repairs and can be relatively pricey to fix. Many have unique transformers or tuners that are very hard to find if needed.  For most we will recommend conversion to the Aurora FMR system.

Not all tube radios can be repaired due to lack of unique parts or general condition.


Post 1985, Aftermarket and Import types - Vintage AutoSound does some limited repairs on domestic auto radios that are newer than 1985.  However repairs are often not possible due to the level of integration and limited availability of parts.

We do not repair Aftermarket or Import units of any kind. 

Antenna Testing - if you suspect that your antenna is not good.

Antenna Trimming - For proper AM reception the radio must be "trimmed" to account for the antenna cable length.