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Vintage AutoSound is an auto radio restoration company specializing in FM conversions using the Aurora family of upgrade products.

Full information on all available products as well as usage and install manuals are available on the Aurora site. (linked above) 

Speakers-  Vintage AutoSound can now provide classic replacement speaker sales for authentic restoration, replacement or repair of your classic. These are  high quality, correct fit speakers made in the USA by S&M Electrotech.

Vintage AutoSound can also provide speakers for our FM conversions.  We are more than happy to make speaker recommendations for clients where required. Its just too easy to spend your money twice so please ask about speakers before you buy.  We will give you the specs and offer recommendations.

Radio sales and repairs-  We do some limited pre-1980 sales where units are available.  We also repair AM and some FM domestic Auto Radios.  

FM conversions to auto radios are ICBC Approved  for Collector Plate cars in BC. 

FM conversions allow the car owner to have AM/FM, an auxiliary input and options for BlueTooth, USB as well as a built in microphone.  No more fuzzy-ball mic and cords hanging off the dash! 

The Aurora 2.8 FMR has exceptional features including an equalizer built in!

Using your auxiliary input, the BlueTooth or the USB you can listen to pre-recorded music and even use your XM satellite radio ALL with the original radio, using the original controls found on the radio and appearing as original.  Modifications are all internal!  

FM Stereo Conversions can give as much as 200 total watts of power thru 4 speakers with complete left to right and front to rear balance and fade!  

Hands free cell phone use with an integrated microphone is now an option for your conversion.

We accept Interac E-transfers.  If you have an e-transfer account setup you can pay us directly without any credit cards or other money transaction methods.  Virtually all financial institutions offer this service. It's slick and cheaper for us both..Larry

Please Note:

We do automotive 8-track repair inhouse now.

Not all models are covered and parts are limited.

Belt sales are available if you have info on the OEM belt.

For 8 track repairs in the USA try Barrys 8Tracks.