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      FM Mono Conversion 

     As is common with field tests, an issue was recently located in the circuit that required a re-work of the Printed Circuit and some added shielding.

But it will be ready soon!

We have all the necessary pieces and are working out the production issue so they work the first time.


 Our apologies to those of you who are patiently waiting for us................Larry Wood     


     !!!!For Vintage Auto Radios!!!!

       !!!An Insurance Corp of BC

                    Approved modification!!!

      Add FM to your  car's AM radio. 

A no-brainer add on when its out of the car for repair !!!

Simple to use.  No changes to your set visually whatsoever!!!

 These lo-cost FM conversions use your original working  radio. We use your faceplate, your case, and all your tuner and controls.  It actually uses all of the radio and just "adds" the FM.!!

AND!!!...  All radios can be equipped with RCA inputs and the necessary control lines to plug into a CD player, XM tuner, Ipod, MP3 player etc at a slight  extra charge.

They look and feel exactly original when installed in the dash.  Because its your orignal radio!!!So.. No mounting changes are ever needed because of these conversions!