Vintage AutoSound

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Vintage AutoSound repairs and restores Automotive 8 track systems. 

Our restorations include new capacitors where needed,

repair to the audio circuits, the motor drive circuits and the

track change systems.

We always media blast the capstan to ensure a positive drive of the tape.   

We can provide new belts where needed as well.

Some specialty work;

We can also rewind bad solenoids if used OEM parts are not available


A word about your cartridges.

To ensure good results from your rebuilt 8 Track player the cartridges must

be in good condition

There are two common causes of poor performance or tape failure.

1)  Behind the tape in the front of the cartridge you can see a foam strip.

If this foam does not immediately bounce back when you push the tape 

into it, then it requires replacement.

2) The tape is a single piece of audio tape joined together with a short

aluminum sticky tape which doubles as the track change trigger.  This sticky tape

is now 50 or mpore years old and should be check or replaced.


Vintage AutoSound will rebuild tapes for our player repair customers upon request.  A small fee applies.