Classic Car Speakers  

Vintage AutoSound has an excellent selection of Classic Car Speakers for vehicles requiring replacement of original speakers that fit existing mounting.

A complete line of new replacement speakers engineered to fit in collector cars and function properly with OEM radios. Our speakers are manufactured in the USA using compact high energy neodymium (NEO) magnets that allow these speakers to fit where others won't.

Most of our speakers are true 8 ohm impedance and are fully compatible with 10 ohm Delco speakers. Many have whizzer cones for improved high frequency response and fabric or sanoprene rubber surround and larger spiders for improved low frequency response.

These speakers work exceptionally well with original Delco, Ford and Mopar radios made from the 40's through the mid 70's and will make your classic radio sound better than new.

Available in most popular sizes used with car radios from the late 1930’s through the mid 1970’s. Most of our speakers can handle the added power produced by our AM/FM conversion radios and modern car radios.   Our speakers carry a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Compare our replica 4 x 10 speakers to original Delco slim line speakers used in many 1960's GM products. The magnet on our speaker has more the twice the field strength of the ceramic magnet shown on the lower right speaker and 4 times the strength of the original alnico magnets used on the original Delco speakers -upper left..


    Original Delco 4x10 Special Rectangle      Our 4x10 Replacement