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                  FM Stereo Conversions 

               !!!An Insurance Corp of BC  Approved modification!!!

Original electronics are replaced with a new high power digital stereo receiver designed to work with the original mechanical tuner and controls. 

We can convert any analog radio, any year, any model, 6 or 12 volt and positive or negative ground.  Digital radios cannot be converted at this time.

All original functions are fully operational, including Wonderbar, Town & Country, or other signal seeking tuners.  The latest Aurora FMR 2.8 can provide shortwave for accurate conversion of Blaupunkt radios (where conversion is possible)

These conversion sets can be programmed for North American,Japanese or  European channel spacing!  

They can also be configured to use the original (100 ohm) faders if present.

High output speakers are required to accomdate this audio system. 

12 Volt Systems

Radios can be configured for  1, 2, 3 or 4 speakers if powered from a 12 volt system. 

6 Volt Systems

6 volt electrical systems cannot provide the full 180 watts RMS.

6 volt radios can only be converted with reduced audio specifications. They should not drive more than two speakers. If your radio will be operated on a 6 volt system pricing is slightly different.  ( E-mail for Price )

The original mounting is still in place so it goes back in the car the same way it came out.  No mounting changes are ever needed because of these conversions!